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Find Souvenirs and Gifts from Old Brewery Barracks

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World > Gibraltar > Old Brewery Barracks


Old Brewery Barracks is a building(s) in Gibraltar

Points of interest near Old Brewery Barracks are:

Athletic field --- Europa Sports Ground
Beach --- Deadmans Beach
Beach --- Bleak Beach
Bight(s) --- Camp Bay
Building(s) --- Mount Alvernia
Building(s) --- Jarvis House
Building(s) --- Buena Vista Cottage
Building(s) --- Bleak House
Building(s) --- Schomberg Building
Building(s) --- Mount Barbary
Bank(s) --- Mackerel Bank
Barracks --- South Barracks
Cape --- Little Europa Point
Cave(s) --- Martin’s Cave
Cave(s) --- Levant Cave
Cave(s) --- Hayne’s Cave
Cave(s) --- Gorham’s Cave
Cave(s) --- Douglas’s Cave
Cemetery --- Withams Cemetery
Cove(s) --- Little Bay
Convent --- Loretto Convent
Housing development --- Buena Vista
Fort --- Lighthouse Battery
Fort --- Hayne’s Cave Battery
Fort --- Halfway Battery
Fort --- Europa Advance Battery
Fort --- Engineer Battery
Fort --- Defensible Barracks
Fort --- Buffadero Battery
Fort --- Breakneck Battery
Fort --- Alexandra Battery
Fort --- Spyglass Battery
Fort --- Prince William’s Battery
Fort --- Napier Battery
Gate --- Dockyard South Gate
Gate --- Saint Michael’s Gate
Garden(s) --- Mount Garden
Gorge(s) --- North Gorge
Headland --- Great Europa Point
Headland --- Passage Point
Hospital --- King George V Memorial Hospital
Hospital --- Royal Naval Hospital
Military installation --- Site of old Governor’s Cottage Camp
Locality --- Monkeys Alameda
Locality --- Buena Vista
Lighthouse --- Europa Point Lighthouse
Quarry(-ies) --- Buffadero Battery Quarry
Pass --- Europa Pass
Point --- Europa Point
Rock --- Ailsa Craig
Steps --- Sunnyside Steps
Tunnel --- Dudley Ward Tunnel
Road tunnel --- Keightley Way Tunnel
Terrace --- Europa Flats
Terrace --- Windmill Hill Flats
Well --- Nun’s Well